That’s Doctor Traditore to You

May 28, 2009

Since getting a Ph.D. in translation studies is something I still idly consider from time to time, I was very interested to read B.J. Epstein’s description of her doctoral program in Wales. Coming from an M.F.A. program, however, which by definition focuses on the practice of literary translation, I find this statement incomprehensible:

I have met many people who study or work in the field of translation studies and yet have never translated and have no intention of doing so.

I’ve heard people say this before, and can’t really fathom it. Myself, I have no particular insights into moviemaking, despite having seen hundreds of films over the years . . .



2 Responses to “That’s Doctor Traditore to You”

  1. BJ Epstein Says:

    I have an MFA in creative writing, not in literary translation. My PhD is in translation studies and many people research translation without ever having done it. I find it very odd.

    Best wishes,

  2. exchangesjournal Says:

    I can’t tell if this was misunderstood or not, but just in case, I meant to say that I have completed an M.F.A. in literary translation. I had no idea you had an M.F.A. yourself, BJ. Thanks for coming by!

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