Abandon all hope.

February 25, 2009


Translators of the Inferno into English have ranged from founding father of American letters H.W. Longfellow, to detective novelist Dorothy Sayers, to poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, to Marcus Sanders, author of a more recent illustrated version set in 20th century Los Angeles (“Dante the Pilgrim wakes from a stupor to discover that he’s lost in a dark forest and can’t remember anything from the night before…”)

But the latest version ups the ante a bit: the canonical medieval text has now been “translated” into the 21st century form of… Xbox.

Dante is now a burly helmeted poet with a scythe, and Book 1 of the Commedia has been boiled down in the trailer as follows: “a man who fears no death/in the 9 circles learns quickly/ to fear his own sins.”

Gamer responses on the sites where the news has been posted range from: “only nine levels, hopefully it isn’t too short” to “I would love nothing more than to see that they pulled off the ninth level well….The ninth level of Hell in Dante’s Inferno is a place that has never seen light and is covered in ice since there is no warmth in it. I’m picturing a completely black background with icebergs floating in nothingness. …That would just be cool to see.”

Abandon all hope, & etc:

trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw3DXLgrQj4

description: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/adventure/dantesinferno/news.html?sid=6205196


One Response to “Abandon all hope.”

  1. […] Here’s a literary adaptation as innovative as the Dante Xbox game discussed on this blog a couple of days ago, although it will probably appeal less to 13-year-old […]

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