Local shoutout

January 21, 2009

An article was published today in the Korea Herald quoting Christopher Merrill of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program. While it’s a pity a call for more translations of Korean literature into English is being published in a Korean newspaper and not abroad, it is nonetheless to be hoped that publishers will heed the call not just for Korean but for all international literatures, any of which could be said to suffer neglect, relatively speaking, in the Anglocentric publishing world. I work from one of the languages more commonly translated and published in English, but I hope a rising tide of translation will buoy up Korean and other more shamefully neglected languages. Thanks, Chris and the IWP, for continuing to make the case.



One Response to “Local shoutout”

  1. […] the opportunity to comment once more on the lack of Korean literature available in translation (we posted on another article on that topic a while back), and it sounds like the Korean government is very […]

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