Graduate School (post MFA) & Translation

November 24, 2008

As I’m currently working on applying to PhD programs after my MFA in translation at Iowa, I wanted to compile the info I’ve been learning about potential schooling in translation after the MFA. The premise of the post being, of course, that the University of Iowa Comp Lit PhD program is incredibly receptive to creative translation projects& a wonderful environment for scholar/translators, and this seems to make it a glowing exception in the grad school firmament. I’ll keep on adding to this post when I come across new info. that might be of use to others.


UC Irvine/Comp Lit (woah):

The Schaeffer Fellowship provides $20,000 plus fee remission for 2 years to Ph.D. students in Comparative Literature for whom translation will be a crucial element of dissertation work. Students translating literary or historical texts or archival materials not previously reliably available in English as part of their dissertation research are eligible. Multiple fellowships per year may be awarded. Please contact the Department in advance if you are interested in the Schaeffer Fellowship.

*though it seems, from my unnamed source at Irvine, that creative translation is still viewed as second to theory in the program*

And, from a little legwork (though not much) it seems that the comp lit programs at Brown, University of Michigan, Princeton and Columbia are all fairly sturdy locations of translation studies. more to come.


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